Win a 4-slice toaster for a healthy breakfast

Win a 4-slice Toaster For A Healthy Breakfast

The breakfast is one of the eating habits that we most care if we keep our body strong and healthy throughout the day. The toast , for example, are some of the healthiest foods for which you can choose.

Therefore, from Things Health we propose to participate in a special contest with which you can win totally free one of the small household appliances more efficient and useful to create your own healthy breakfast. We refer to the original 4 – slice toaster , you want to know how to get it ?, then read on .

Win a 4-slice toaster for a healthy breakfast

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If we conduct a full breakfast avoid snacking or sated extreme form at lunch or dinner, which is not beneficial for our body.

On the other hand, the breakfast , besides being full, must contain foods that are healthy and away from the polyunsaturated fats own industrial pastries or whole milk or yogurets too fat. Therefore, we will go for lighter products, but to provide the dose of energy and vitality that our body needs. One or two pieces of fruit, whether apple (satiating), pear or banana (rich in potassium) or whatever you like, juices, milk with cereals, and, of course, some toast.

Win a 4-slice toaster for a healthy breakfast

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Without a doubt, eating healthy is not synonymous with eating food with a dull or simple taste. A good example of this are the toast , which can accompany what we want, whether jams in a variety of fruits, butter, cream cheese, honey, cola cao or Nutella, ie not have to be the classic toast , We can innovate with many different ingredients and different flavors. What about you ?, what kind of toast you like more or how the accompanists?

Indeed, the answer to this question can lead you to gain a full and exclusive toaster 4 slices through the contest we have prepared from Things Health and in collaboration with the company responsible for designing this product, Electronic Star .

To get it , the first step you have to take is to click “Like” for both corners of Facebook, whose links we like below:

Subsequently, you only have to go up on the wall of Facebook Health Things your comment or response on what kind of prepare yourself toast with this award and what foods the compactors . For example, a toast with blueberry jam and butter, accompanied by orange juice and some cookies. The most original response will take this exclusive award.

As far as the bases of the contest that you must know to participate are the following:

-The Participation in this contest , sponsored by Things of Health in collaboration with the company Electronic Star , is the complete and unconditional acceptance by participants from all the bases set forth in the following points.

Win a 4-slice toaster for a healthy breakfast

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-The Participants in this promotion must be over 18 and resident in Spain . Only those who conform to the conditions requested by Health and Electronic Star will be considered valid to enter the contest and follow the established steps.

-This Contest will start from Friday June 15 to July 15 at 23:59 hours . The organizing company reserves the right to modify the deadlines as this contest takes place, communicating at any moment to its participants any novelty in this regard.

-The Prize will consist of a toaster 4 slices model Klarstein TK-BT-211-V in stainless steel , 50s and 60s style, with Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Warm functions. Includes adjustable thermostat 6 levels , two trays to collect crumbs extensible , operating LEDs in blue and an instruction manual.

-Once The contest deadline is completed, we will proceed to the back and corresponding selection of participants, for which will take into account the originality and strength of attraction of writing or comment exposed on the wall. Health Stuff will be contacted via email with the winners to deliver the prize. If after three days not lowercase contact the selected entrant, the organization reserves the right to select a new winner.

-Participants Accept that his name be posted on the wall of Facebook Things Health . The communication of the winning name will take place 10 days after the end of the contest.

He requested the personal details of the winner . Such data will be processed according to the information contained in current legislation on the protection of personal data.

An exclusive prize, useful and practical , that will help you create those so delicious and exquisite toast with which you can enjoy a pleasant aroma and taste juicy nothing up in the morning. Do you feel like participating in our contest?


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