Only 18% Of People Carry Healthy Habits

Only 18% Of People Carry Healthy Habits

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent disease and prevent overweight or obesity , disability and premature death. Thus, to combine a rich and balanced diet with the practice of daily physical exercise It will allow us to enjoy a good health, while helping us to maintain our ideal weight. It is crucial to know what and how we eat, as well as how to improve our diet.

Similarly, we must seek medical care when needed, undergo periodic medical examinations , rest and relax , all behaviors that will also help us stay healthy. It is also important to eliminate alcohol and snuff , as they are factors that pose a serious health risk.

Only 18% Of People Carry Healthy Habits

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However, despite the growing awareness in society about the importance of caring for our health , there are still many people who do not have sufficient importance to this issue and do not lead healthy lifestyles. This emerges from a study by Nutrition Center , leading company in the field of nutrition in pharmacies, on eating habits and how we believe that food. The results reveal that only 38% of respondents believe eating well , although they also recognize that commit excesses.

Only 18% Of People Carry Healthy Habits

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On the other hand, 35% of the respondents consider that their food is irregular and that it does not eat at all, so it is not balanced. A 9% maintains that it carries a bad diet, eating what it always desires and without taking into account never to the health. Surprising that only 18% of people in the study said they lived a good and balanced diet.

With these data it is not strange that obesity has become an epidemic. In fact, two out of three men are overweight and one in six people is obese. More worrying still is the alarming increase in childhood obesity, which has increased by 35% in the last decade.

Only 18% Of People Carry Healthy Habits

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In addition, it should be borne in mind that the current lifestyle, with many people forced to eat out, lack of cooking time, sedentary life and overeating on weekends, further aggravate the problem. Hence, the importance of calling on the importance of nutrition education and the impact it has on health and a poor diet unhealthy lifestyle habits. We must know what we should eat and those foods and dishes that we must avoid. It should also be borne in mind that the habit of caring is something that is achieved daily.

This balanced diet must be accompanied by the practice of physical exercise regularly . However, since it is the lack of time or for other reasons, the fact is that according to the same study, only 18% of practicing Spanish physical exercise every day , while 25% do so three or four times Week and 19%, three or four times a month. But the most striking fact is that 38% of the population only practices some physical activity less than three or four times a month.

It is essential to acquire healthy habits and a personalized diet based on the needs of each person, to prevent overweight and obesity.


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