Finding Time to Exercise

Finding Time to Exercise

Exercising During Commercials

Earlier these days I’m getting up an hour earlier. At first I told I’d ever not able to do it. I was already sleep devoid rising at 6 AM how could I ever get up at  5 AM? I’d never be able to get to sleep quickly and a there are a lot of reasons why it wouldn’t work. Then I attempt it, and it started work. I’m still sleep devoid, but that extra hour in the morning is god gifted. I really love it.  exercise

How do you Present Ideas to Yourself?

So why did it take me not so fast to “just do it?” perhaps the process I presented the tricks to myself. Notice I used words as like as “never” and “already” as in I’m am already sleep devoid. I was telling myself it doesn’t work, that it was not a good idea and still the first time I actually tried it, I secretly believed when the alarm started ring, I’d just stop it and  go back to sleep. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy getting up early. Mornings is the better time of day. I’m the most efficient in the morning so it makes sense to give myself an extra hour.

I Don’t Have Time to Exercise

Sometimes a small coordination in how you run your day can help awfully in freeing up some time for things like exercise. “I don’t have time” I hear that a lot, but if asked, “what’s your favorite TV show?” most people can list a few – hours spent sitting and watching. There’s nothing wrong with   enjoying some TV, but there’s also any reasons you can’t exercise during the advertisements.

When I was a kid and it was my time to clean the house, I made a game through it. I loved TV, watching perhaps six or seven hours a day then, so a show to clean was not being to happen. So I’d clean during advertisements. Now a days there are over 20 minutes of advertisement time during each hour of the show. That’s much of time for getting things done. As early as the show broke for advertisement, I’d jump from the chair and launch wherever I’d left off. I’d bring in laundry and lap it while I watched. I’d iron in front of the TV, I’d carry in piles and mixed debris from other rooms and sort it into piles for where it put for, then on the next advertisement I’d go put things away.

I’d move from one room to the next, carrying things that associated there with me, and returning with the particular that did not. Though the house was clean but I didn’t miss the programs.

 If you joy TV, consider how much time there is available during the advertisement and start using it. Whether for exercise or cleaning or anything extra you need to have done: responding to similarity, studying, paying bills, grooming the cat– there are a lots of  little chores we need to do, no reasons we can’t  bring them into our TV room and get them done.

Turn TV Time into “Get Fit” Time

You can make your TV room into a fitness room easily. A pleasant floor mat, if the room isn’t carpeted. A  pair of dumbbells or two. Empty bleach jugs make good dumbbells, but be careful if they only partially full of sand, dirt of water, as if the weight change during movement you could injure yourself.

Canned food make good housemade weight. I have a half pound and one pound cans, heavier can may be not so easy to hold. Go on a scouting expedition around your house and watch what you find that could work as weights then stocks them behind the couch and start using them. Twice a week or three times, repeatedly and you’ll start to see a change within a short time.

My first exercise tool was a pair of dumbbells, a one pounds and five pound set. You don’t need to have a full tooled home gym exercise at home.

Push ups are a fabulous exercise, men’s and women’s style. No special tools needed , just take your step and get on the floor and start. There are even books written for exercising on advertisement breaks. I put  along a page with a few of the book I’ve found with present this concept .

Grab some Extra Minutes and Get Started

I wanted to get up an hour quickly so I could work out in the mornings.  When I exercise firstly nothing extra interferes. No matter what comes up, it is not extra from my fitness program. Unexpected calls or invitations, traffic jams, “there’s bread,” newton my son who until thinks its my job to  store room stocked, so I need to run to the store, nothing destroys my day’s plan ride my bike or lift weights.  The consistency of a regular exercise program just makes me a good feel- you might find it does the same for you, and if you had not a easy time to find me then make time. Have some extra minutes during advertisement on TV, get up quickly, find whatever works for you. Write it on your calendar, make a date with yourself and get started.



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